LED glass


LED glass is one kind of laminated glass, in which LED light chips are embedded in between to create distinctive patterns, image and logos , and bonded with ITO film to make the glass illuminate. When the power is on, the glass can be lit up, or flashing. And the wire inside the glass is nearly invisible.


Advanced features:

  • An excellent promotional tool for attracticve displays
  • Can be processed to flat or curved shapes, holes are available
  • Can block more than 40% of infrared and 99% UV light 



Thickness: from 8.5mm (3+3mm) to 32.5mm (15+15mm)

Sizes: up to 1300*3600mm

The choices of glass: normal clear, low iron, tinted glass, mirror etc.

The color of LED lights: red, green, white, blue, yellow or mulitiple colors mixed together

The distribution of LED lights, randomly or rectangularly, can also be customized.


Power supply (100-240VAC)



  • Light arrangements
  • Bathrooms/shower enclosures, conference rooms
  • Table top/benches
  • Window displays
  • Shelf displays
  • Special counter displays

Our LED glass can be used in distinctive and individual ways, allwoing architect or designer to give full reign to their imagination, please contact us for your bespoke project.