SGP interlayer laminated glass


SGP glass is a tempered laminated glass using SentryGlas® interlayers (from Dupont),  which helps create lighter, safer laminated glass that is opening up new levels of performance, the interlayer makes the glass much stronger hence protects them against storms, impacts and powerful blasts. At Tecture Glass, we specialize in supplying tempered laminated Sentry glass and LOW IRON laminated Sentry glass.


Advanced Features:

  • High strength:  SentryGlas® interlayers are five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than normal laminating materials.
  • Safety: The SGP glass retains its character and maintains a residual barrier, even after the glass is broken. Please see Dupont SentryGlas test  for more information.
  • Great weather resistance: SGP glass where the laminate can be exposed to the weather and it does not need to be framed.
  • Outstanding clarity: Even after years of service, SentryGlas® interlayers to provide superior, lasting beauty for laminated glass, it's an ideal choice for low iron laminates.


Sizes & Thickness:

Maximum: 2400*6200mm.

Thickness: glass substrades can be 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm etc.

                SentryGlas® interlayers can be 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 1.78mm.



  • Hurricane resistant windows, doors and skylights
  • Bomb blast resistant windows, doors and facades
  • Minimally supported and open-edged railings, facades and canopies
  • Structural glass flooring, stairs, walkways and pedestrian bridges

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