Digital printing glass


Digital printing glass supercedes the traditional decoration systems such as screen printing and roller coating, and offer a fast, efficient means of applying graphic designs, photographic images etc. directly onto glass. Working with Dip tech authorized digital printing glass manufacturer, we are proud to supply the digital printing glass help to bring your artistic designs to life.

The glass is extremely versatile and can be made to blend with any environment –residencial or commercial. The visual results are full of depth, color, brilliance and contrast.


Advanced features:

  • Permanently fire-fused to the glass surface, and ceramic ink is from Dip-tech, which is UV resistant, acid resistant, humid resistant
  • Perfect for producing panels of consecutive designs
  • Versatility of designs, from digital file to glass-directly, basically can print any graphics on the glass
  • Extensive color & effects palette
  • Countless shades and infinite levels of opacity
  • Low-E coatings can be applied over the ceramic ink.


Thickness: The glass can be made to laminated glass, double glazing glass, or single substrate.

For single substrate, the thickness from 4mm to 19mm.  

For double glazing glass, the air space can be 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm and etc, depends on the sizes.

The choices of glass: clear float glass, low iron glass, Low-E glass, acid etched glass, tinted glass etc.

Max size: 3300*6000mm.

Patterns & designs:

Patterns and designs can be customized, and it's preferable that customers provide the printing files.



Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks for glass produce long-lasting and vivid colors that are fused into the glass for unmatched durability. Designed for a variety of applications, including: 

  • Outdoor facades/windows
  • Indoor partitions/walls
  • Custom doors
  • Balcony and railing systems
  • Furnitures/splashing back
  • Floors

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